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Project S@úde+Perto

Patient #telemonitorização platforms are valuable tools that help #SNS track and monitor patients with #doençascrónicas outside the clinical environment, acquiring #dadosdesaúde real-time. The S@úde+ Project near the Hospital de Avelar – Fundação de Nossa Senhora da Guia, one of the largest demonstration projects for telemonitoring of chronic patients outside hospitals in Portugal, begins to highlight the great advantages of the bet on the prevention and monitoring of these “great consumers” of hospital care:

✅ Reference Area 👉 39,500 users.
✅ Population over 65 years 👉 11,000 users.
✅ Hospital Interactions (2019) 👉 6,661 users
✅ Annual cost SNS 👉 8,000,000€
➡ Sample 500 telemonitored users
➡ Reduction 20% emergency and hospital admissions
➡ Savings SNS 1,000,000€
🧡 Chronic Patient’s Best Quality of Life.



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