Hope Care was the first Portuguese Digital Health company joining services to products and state-of-the-art technological platforms, allowing for the provision of Social Care and Health without barriers.

Stay connected to health solutions.

Transforming healthcare one hope at a time.

Hope Care developed a Digital Health Platform called HCAlert.


HC Alert is an analytical telehealth system which implements clinical triage tools, allowing the care teams to attend and assist patients remotely in a simple and innovative way. All the users are connected and have access to the information they need. This offers you a unique cloud based Telemonitoring platform.

Purpose of system HCAlert includes remote patient management and vital signs monitoring, as well as patient empowerment to increase self-management capabilities and adherence management. Stabilizing patients in the comfort of their homes, avoid exacerbations and deteriorations and therefore (re-) hospitalisations. Hope Care’s Vision is to “Build an Hospital at Home!” at a lower cost.


All data in the same place, safe and accessible to all health professionals. Responsive app for all devices.



Centralized and Secured Cloud, compliant, for better and faster access. Allows to build a long-term service strategy, aligned with a 360º Patient Care.



Implement Predictive Systems for Patient follow-up. Create Business Intelligent Dashboards to improve Personal Care.



Interaction between health professionals, patients and Medical Triage Center. Always on, always connected.