2 September 2015

Emerging Trends in the Wearable Healthcare market

Once every few years, the Healthcare domain undergoes a transformation. Trends of Healthcare in 2015 point towards the popularity of Telemedicine, E-Health and Smart Wearable Medical devices. The emergence of these trends indicate a new wave in the Healthcare domain; more commonly known as Healthcare-IT. The Wearable technology had so far been most popular in the Fitness segment. However, the healthcare application of the technology is the segment with the maximum potential.

The use of Wearables in Tele-home healthcare is the key trend in the market today. The technology not only makes the treatment and the monitoring process faster, but also reduces the health cost considerably. The ability of self-diagnosis, thereby educating and empowering patients to take control of their own health, also largely influences adoption rates. The technology helps patients contact their doctors and physicians who may even be at remote places.More recently, the entry of the Google Glass has made conducting medical procedures considerably easy.

Just the way, the Banking and Financial sector utilizes data to make better and high quality decisions, Healthcare domain must do the same with data. With companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone foraying into the Healthcare Wearable domain, Wearable technology is here to stay. The future of Healthcare Wearables certainly looks very promising!

Emerging Trends in the Wearable Healthcare market


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