Seven Digital Contents Selected to Represent Portugal in UN Award

My HopeCare is one of the seven portuguese projects selected to represent its country on the 2015 World Summit Awards edition. “All patients. One screen. Anywhere” is the motto of this e-Health app, which allows accessing health care and information, regardless of physical distance. The service has been developed by Hope Care. It’s available for iOS and soon for Android. The Hope Care project was chosen by APDC (Portuguese Association for Comunications Development) to win the Health & Environment category. Besides My HopeCare, the other winners are Gfi, TVI Player, Compra Solidáris, Rewind Cities, Immensa and Landka.

According to the schedule, an online jury which included international experts, will choose the top 15 to 18 projects in each of the 8 categories of the contest. this shorlist projects will be analyzed by a big jury (in October), which will select the project that will get to the final round, a total of five er category. on the final round of the 2015 WSA, the 40 selected winners will be presented at the WSA Global Congress, in Singapore, ini the beggining of 2016, where the winners will be revealed. Meet the finalists per category.

Government & Open Data: FixCascais. It’s a crowdsourcing solution that allows the users to report, share and get feedback on local problems. This mobile app was developed by Gfi and Innovagency for Cascais. It’s available for iOS and Android, as well as online.

Media & News: TVI Player.It’s a video player platform with live transmition from several channels of the TVI universe and other national and international content/events. The platform provides thousands of VOD TVI and external partners content . The users have access to the last 30 days TVI emissions timewarp. The app, developed by MCD (Media Capital Digital), is available online and for iOS and Android.

Business & Commerce: Compra Solidária. It’s a website that presented a pioneer and unique concept to Portugal: it’s a centralized platform that works as a search engine for “2 in 1” ways of helping a cause, through a simple day-to-day option. The user finds Products, Services and Events in one place which revert for sustenability of social and environmental projects, in a practical and searchable way, also gathering information about each project and disseminating several other ways to contribute to the same. In this platform, 100% of the value of the products of charities will indeed for them.

Culture & Tourism: Rewind Cities Lisbon. It’s a mobile app that, using augmented reality technology, transforms smartphones and tablets into real pocket time machines. Through multiple available experiences, the user is taken to Lisbon’s past, viewing the history of monuments and sites, superimposed to on-screen reality. It is free, it is available for iOS and Android and it’s from Rewind Cities, a startup backed by Vodafone Power Lab.

Learning & Science: Art Legacy. It’s a mobile app that simulates the ilusion of travelling inside a painting using a parallax and zoom effect. It allows to explore more than a hundred of famous paintings of Art’s History, organized on a interactive timeline, allowing to know the autor and his work. It was developed by Landka and will be available for iOs, Android and Windows.

Inclusion & Empowerment: Places4All. It’s a universal site accessibility classification system. Th website has detailed information and aims to promote accessibility for people with limited autonomy (physical, visual, hearing or cognitive), disseminating good practices of sites, businesses and authorities. It also allows the user to interact in the referral and evaluation of sites.This online platform was developed by Immensa Inclusive Cities Association.


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