Patient Remote Monitoring

Most of us go to the doctor one time a year. But for those of us who suffer from a chronic disease, visits typically happen more often: monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, etc. Emergencies and complications add more visits. For the patient, this could mean missed work, rescheduling commitments and lots of stressful running around.

Is there a way to make it easier?
Remote Monitoring is a new concept in the medical field where care teams can track a patient’s health status and engage with them remotely to help prevent some of those complications. It requires workflow and mindset to change, but it benefits us all.

There are 5 key benefits in Patient Remote Monitoring:
1. Immediate
2. Saves the System Costs
3. Mitigates the Need for Extra Appointments
4. Reduces Missed Work
5. Reduces Expensive Incidents

5 Reasons Why Remote Monitoring Patients is Better for Everyone

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