Hope Care and Proge-Software

Hope Care and Proge-Software work together with Microsoft to support healthcare organizations and customers in defining new levels of customer experience and operational efficiency.

Proge-Software, a leading company in digital innovation and Hope Care, one of the first European Cloud Telehealth companies, signed a strategic Joint Venture delivering a disruptive healthcare solution named “Health in your Hand enabling Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals and Health Insurance companies to deliver a better outcome for patients. Health in your hand enables the optimization of healthcare institutions patient care and decreases their operational and delivery costs. This innovative healthcare cloud solution, based on Microsoft Teams and Azure platforms, has reduced patient readmissions, consultations, and emergency episodes proving to be a valuable solution for the healthcare organisations that have adopted it, experiencing the following results:

           55% in Hospital Readmission

           61%reduction in Emergency room visits to Hospital

            55% reduction in GP consultations

            85% reduction in emergency episodes


Health in your hand is delivery with Care!

“Microsoft empowers healthcare organisations of all sizes to reimagine the ways they bring together people, data, and processes to better enable personalised care, empower care teams, and improve operational outcomes.  We do this by focusing on trust, innovation, security and compliance with our Partners. We are excited to be a part of the Health in your hand Cloud Solution delivered by Proge Software and Hope Care in Italy. This innovative cloud solution that will deliver better experiences, better insights and better care to patients.” Stefano Stinchi – Public Sector Director, Microsoft Italy

“We are committed to providing our Customers with secure innovative Cloud Solutions that can transform Healthcare services across Italy. Hospitals and Health Insurance providers can now use our Health in your hand Cloud Solution to deliver new levels of remote patient care. Providing a secure trusted and managed service that enables remote monitoring of patients. Bringing together the power of Hope Care technology with Proge services to help save lives.” Marco Meneo – Shareholder, General manager, Proge-Software

“Our vision is to Build the Hospital@Home with disruptive technology, improve the care pathways and have a better clinical outcome. Together with Proge Software we are able to achieve a commitment with our customers to deliver an innovative Digital Health Platform.” José Paulo Carvalho – Founding Partner, HopeCare

Description of the Solution:

 “Health in your Hand” integrate the adopition of the HCAlert Hope Care product and the “Health Managed Solution Services ” offered by Proge-Software.


HCAlert is an innovative cloud base proven solution developed on Microsoft Teams and Azure platforms, applied to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), developed together with Hospitals and Medical Assistance Service companies, easy to use and fast to implement. With HCAlert, health professionals can focus on a 360º Patient view using individualized medical protocols, provide individualized medical advice and stabilize patients in the comfort of their homes.

HCAlert is under ISO 13485 ClassIIb and CE Mark certification.

HCAlert, builds on patients owned devices by combining them with three main components:

  • Health and Wellness Mobile App:

Allowing patients to register measurements of health data automatically or manually, obtained from connected medical devices. It works with most multiplatform devices available in the market and IOS/Android smartphones and tablets.Enabling patients to receive automatic notifications (push, SMS, email) and communicate with health care professionals and doctors (chat, video consultation).

Customers with access to mobile phones or tablets

  • Triage Platform:

Health care providers can now implement clinical protocols to monitor and triage a patient´s health data in an automated way. The system deploys alerts to the Medical Monitoring Center/Call Center in order to warn about patient´s condition and take medical decisions. The system can leverage depersonalized data that is available for data analytic and detect technical and usability issues.

  • Clinical Platform:

The web App that can be accessed by PCs, tablets and smartphones for alerts and patient´s information management. It includes a module for health care professionals that provide first level clinical assistance and another module for doctors that provide the second level of clinical assistance.

Health Managed Solutions Services:

HCALERT is enriched by Proge-Software specialized Health Organization professional services that delivers Change Management, Platform Enablement, Empowered Data and Managed Services.

In particular all the setup and configuration activities required to activate the enablement Teams and Azure platform are included in these services together with the integration with existing systems.

Moreover it’s possible to define ad-hoc dashboard realized in Power BI  to provide real time data analysis leading to faster interventions and better clinical outcomes.

Finally innovative Change Management services accelerate the adoption of the New platforms introducing a new way of work and cooperation.

Medical Call Center


Web Site:   http://www.healthinyourhand.com/

E-mail :       enquiry@healthinyourhand.com

Notes to Press:

Since 1985, Proge-Software has been implementing projects that create value and competitive advantage, becoming a solid reference point for customers and technological partners in the research, design and implementation of innovative solutions in the IT world. With its subsidiaries, in Hungary and Switzerland, produce high-technological content projects for Large and Medium Enterprises, providing them all the necessary activities for the design, development and maintenance of the corporate IT system: from the design of architectures to the management of IT infrastructures, from the development of customized software systems to the implementation of mobile solutions, from the creation of application infrastructures and databases to the design of Cloud scenarios, from the design of Business Intelligence solutions to the implementation of collaboration solutions, up to the provision of Application Management services.

The know-how acquired, the design experience, the quality level achieved, the speed and flexibility of response to needs are certainly primary elements that distinguish the companies of the group and allow them to win the trust of customers every day in national and international contexts.

Hope Care was founded in 2012 and is one of the first companies in the Telehealth sector to combine clinical services with technology platforms and products, enabling the provision of a totally innovative social and health care service.

By promoting the well-being of its customers through health prevention, wherever they are, Hope Care is able to collect and monitor vital signs at Patients home and provide a Telehealth service through advanced technologies. Hope Care stands out for the development of m-Health concepts combined with clinical care services.

This concept was to support the development of an Artificial Intelligence Triage system applied to a vast set of data derived from connected objects, such as glucometers, tensiometers, oximeters, among others. This proprietary system allows the automation of decision-making processes and better follow-up of chronic patients, such as heart failure or diabetic patients, among others.

Over 8 years of experience, Hope Care has collaborated with more than 20 health entities in several European countries, telemonitoring patients in various pathologies and improving their triage algorithm. The result was the creation of a certified, robust, mature and proven Digital Health Platform (HCAlert) with proven benefits and clinical outcomes.

Hope Care works with several partners in the area of connected medical equipment and we pride ourselves on having more than 27 manufacturers connected on our HCAlert platform.

We are Microsoft Partners, and together we promote the concept of Cloud Health Data, the applicability of Artificial Intelligence to triage, and the analytical capability to improve decision processes. All in a single Digital Health Platform – HCAlert – available anywhere, anytime.

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