mHealth apps on Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the world’s largest. The market has always been cash-rich, as it needs to be given the investment required to continue the research and development behind the medical advances which have made such a difference to humanity. Innovative business models will help pharmaceutical manufacturers to remain competitive amidst market challenges. Only recently have pharmaceutical companies begun to realize how mobile services might be instrumental in the development of exciting innovations in their own businesses.

Why do mobile apps matter to pharma?
1. Potential reach
2. Differentiation
3. Facilitate improved outcomes for patients taking the company’s drugs
4. Contemporary marketing
5. Learn how patients use their medicine
6. Saving costs
7. Improve relations with doctors
8. Increasing revenue

Pharma can benefit from mobile apps. They must understand that these are an innovation area that matters, and there are a host of reasons why it would be beneficial for them to explore the opportunities that apps offer to innovate their business.

mHealth apps: 8 reasons why it matters for Pharma

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