Who we are

Health without barriers this is what Hope Care proposes. Hope Care one of the firsts national companies in the Digital Health area to combine services, technological platforms and products, allowing the provision of a totally innovative social and health care service.

By promoting the well-being of its clients through health prevention, wherever they are, Hope Care is able to collect and monitor vital signs at a distance and provide a Digital Health service through advanced technologies. Hope Care primes for the development of m-Health concepts together with support services.

What is Digital Health

We provide remote social and health care to chronic patients, thus providing them with the necessary surveillance and security so that they will continue to live in their homes for as long as possible, even if they are sick or fragile. Most of the mechanisms that make our Digital Health platform have a preventive function, as far as the monitoring of the users situation identifies, at a very early stage, any problem that may be reached.

What is Telehealth

Telehealth allows access to medical care and information regardless of the physical distance. Its aim is to provide clinical support to individuals by approaching users in different geographic locations through the use of different Information and Communication Technologies.



We intend to improve the health service and fully care for the Person through Digital Health projects.



Create and provide the citizens with the most advanced Digital Health platform – HCAlert.