ISO 13 485 Certificate

Hope CAre SA has received the ISO 13 485 certificate.It was hard work that was developed during the pandemic and completed at the end of last year. Congratulations to the whole team and, particularly, to Manuel Bragança Pereira and Rita Pedro da Silva for the great support.

Project S@úde+Perto

Patient #telemonitorização platforms are valuable tools that help #SNS track and monitor patients with #doençascrónicas outside the clinical environment, acquiring #dadosdesaúde real-time. The S@úde+ Project near the Hospital de Avelar – Fundação de Nossa Senhora da Guia, one of the largest demonstration projects for telemonitoring of chronic patients outside hospitals in Portugal, begins to highlight […]

Hope Care won the seventh edition of Bayer’s STEM4Health competition

HopeCare won the seventh edition of the STEM4Health competition and wants to reach the German market with the help of the pharmaceutical group. Bayer’s director in Portugal tells JE that the company has “potential”. The German pharmaceutical company Bayer will, over the next eight to twelve months, work side-by-side with the founders of HopeCare in […]

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